Reflecting on 2023

As we approach 2024, it’s time to cast a professional eye back on 2023.

Throughout the year, I’ve balanced work on a customer project alongside my contributions to the Worldline TechRel1 initiative. Each involvement has fueled the other, offering a reciprocal flow of inspiration. Involvement in real-life projects has often sparked new ideas for talks and topics to delve into. In turn, my experiences in Dev Rel have offered fresh perspectives and external feedback, enriching the implementation process.

Highlights of my speaking engagements this year include:

  • 6 tech conferences
  • 4 meetups
  • A Worldline tech event in Barcelona
  • An online presentation (i.e., BBL) for ABBEAL

This year, unlike the previous one, I found myself presenting two talks or a talk and a workshop at the same conference—a challenging but exciting experience! Consequently, I delivered a similar number of talks compared to 2022.

My primary topics this year included:

Notably, I co-presented the second talk with my colleague Raphaël Semeteys, extending my collaborative speaking initiatives that commenced in 2022 with Jean-François James (I shared the stage with him at LyonJUG). This collaborative process has been immensely rewarding. It helps me push me beyond my comfort zone, enabling me to approach various topics from a fresh perspective. A prime example was our exploration of discussing software architecture in a more light-hearted and unconventional manner, which initially seemed improbable to me.

In fact, I intend to explore more partnerships in the future.

Moreover, I participated in the recent JChateau Edition, my initiation into the world of “unconferences” (JunConf)—an incredibly enriching experience! Interacting with inspiring individuals like Jean-Michel Doudoux, Andres Almirez, and José Paumard was truly inspiring.

During the year, I released six articles on my blog and one on the Worldline engineering blog.

I express my gratitude to my employer for the continued opportunities and to the organizers for their unwavering trust and hospitality. Your support has been instrumental in my journey.

The Worldline TechRel initiative has been instrumental in exploring new topics and facilitating collaborations with colleagues. It has enabled me to share, gather feedback on submissions, and conduct live rehearsals (Thanks Marie-Alice Blete & Philippe Vincent and the others).

Heartfelt thanks to all who have supported me along this journey!

Through the 2Worldline TechRel initiative, I’ve had the privilege of meeting exceptional individuals and advancing in various technical domains. Crafting and presenting talks on technical subjects demand in-depth knowledge, and this has already sparked ideas for the upcoming year.

Kicking off the new year with a bang, I am thrilled to announce a workshop at NDC London in late January (details here). Additionally, I will be co-presenting a new talk with my colleague Philippe Duval at Touraine Tech.

Wishing everyone a fantastic New Year’s Eve, and if you come across this article in 2024: Happy New Year!!

  1. It’s akin to Dev Rel but aims to include a broader tech community encompassing OPS, SRE, etc. ↩︎

  2. Similar to Dev Rel, but aspires to involve all tech crew members (e.g., OPS & SRE). ↩︎